One of Our Many FAQs – Location of Barrel

Is there a way I can set up the original barrel approx 15 feet from the downspout?  I have a fairly narrow alleyway next to the downspout and can’t locate the barrel there.

The solution for narrow passageways is to install a downspout diverter and to use a 24 foot overflow hose to supply water from the diverter to your distant rain barrel. That hose will be very heavy when filled with water so you will want to install hooks or hangers along the wall to support the hose. See diverter and hose installation photos below. You wouldn’t need the white diverter hose as the black overflow hose would replace it and attach directly to the diverter. Notice how conduit clamps were used to support the hose. Similar clamps could be attached to brick or siding.

Conduit supports were used for the hose which was placed behind the railing of the deck . At the corner of the deck there is a built in bench and the hose is kept behind the railing of the bench and comes around the corner to the rain barrel.