October 2012

Are you prepared for Sandy?

Officials are warning Ontario residents to be ready for at least 72 hours without power and are predicting that some areas could see 50 + millimetres of rain and winds reaching 100 kilometres or more. Below are links with information and helpful tools about staying safe during extreme storms: Red Cross Urges Canadians to be […]

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RainBarrel.ca Winter Maintenance

You really do need to be careful where you leave your rain barrel. With the winter coming, RainBarrel.ca reminds you to maintain your rain barrel and keep it eligible for our warranty. Read maintenance instructions and see our video describing them HERE. Enjoy your barrel for years to come by properly maintaining and winterizing.

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E-coli in Water; E-coli in Beef

CBC’s The Current focused on the E-coli-tainted beef recall and featured Bruce Davidson from Walkerton speaking about the same strain of e-coli that infected the town’s drinking water in 2000. Walkerton and Brockton have held rain barrel sales for several years as part of their water stewardship program of advocacy and education. In the broadcast,

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