Mission Statement

At RainBarrelFundraising.com and RainBarrel.ca we are the absolute best places to purchase rain barrels and accessories. Whether you are looking for a single rain barrel or a thousand, recycled or new, we can accommodate your request. To minimize product transportation costs and meet customer demand, we partner with non-profit groups and municipalities throughout Canada and the USA to host truckload fundraising rain barrel sales in their communities. Our non-profit partners raise $10 or more from each rain barrel sold. Fundraising is easy with our online ordering, free marketing materials and ongoing support.

We reclaim food grade barrels and re-purpose them as rain barrels. Once used to transport fruits and vegetables, they now offer years of reliable service as rain barrels. Partnering with various non-profit organizations, we help stage truckload fundraisers in communities across Canada and USA with new communities added each week. Several municipalities distribute our newly manufactured rain barrels at a reduced cost to their residents. For more information, please use our Contact Form below. See our Truckload Sales List.

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  • Rain barrels are percussion instruments HERE
  • Check out the YouTube video about the Oakbank sale by clicking HERE
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Company Testimonials

Want to know what makes RainBarrel.ca and RainBarrelFundraising.com so great? Read the comments below to find out what our wonderful partners are saying about us! We'd love to include your testimonial too. Please submit it on our CONTACT FORM. Thank you!

Karen Thompson

Fundraising Partner

Staffing was excellent in responding to queries. Truckload arrived on time and all barrels were accounted for. Our volunteers and customers are very happy with the products. Thank you, RainBarrel.ca!

Jessica Correa

Fundraising Partner

"We loved working with RainBarrel.ca this year. Not only was it a unique way to do a fundraiser, but it was an even better way to get more Rain Barrels into people’s hands to help them save water during the summer months. We were happy with how easy it was to make sales and we ran a wonderful campaign.

Leah and Larry made it easy for us to promote our sale and we were able to use our social media channels with Random Acts of Green to make it a big success! RainBarrel.ca really cares about ensuring you are successful. They are responsive and courteous – and it really is a win-win for everyone- and it helps protect and preserve our water resources for a better planet! Thanks for all the work you do and we look forward to our next rain barrel sale next year."

Ganaraska Grca

Fundraising Partner

Leah, Larry, and all RainBarrel.ca staff are great to work with, and the re-purposed barrels sell themselves! Looking forward to making this an annual fundraiser for our non-profit organization.

Corinne Elise

Fundraising Partner

Easy fundraiser, little work, great profit and customer service!

David Stapley

Fundraising Partner

When COVID-19 stopped our traditional fundraising events, the Shannonville Agricultural Society partnered with RainBarrel.ca. I must say, I have been extremely happy with you folks and your processes. Response times have been awesome. I am a big fan of the downspout diverter and promote them every chance I get. We are looking forward to another sale.

Bruce Allen Morrow

Fundraising Partner

We have found that rain barrels almost sell themselves. They have been a valuable source of income for our organization.

Heather Hatfield

Fundraising Partner

The folks at Rainbarrel.ca were great to work with. They responded promptly to any questions I had and helped with all aspects of our sale.

Barb Hicks

Fundraising Partner

REAL and the REAL Deal Store have purchased rain barrels from the RainBarrel.ca for resale for a number of years, but this is the first year we have tried a concentrated one day sale. We sold way more this way, and it was really helpful to have all the social media posts ready to modify for our use. Everything is laid out in the manual, so even if you are not accustomed to running and promoting a sale, you and your volunteers should you be able to have smoothly running, successful sale. The online ordering really cuts down on your work and possibility for errors. Most of all, their staff are really responsive to questions, which reduces frustration big time!

Teresa McNutt

Fundraising Partner

An easy fundraiser that does not require a bunch of volunteers to physically be on site to help. Great to work with!

Privacy Policy

We never have and never will share or sell your information, you have our word on that. We never gain access to your personal financial information and therefore cannot store it anywhere. Payment transactions are handled by Paypal and financial institutions that set industry standards for security and again, we never have access to your financial information.

Terms + Conditions

All sales are final. The high cost of transporting individual rain barrels makes it nearly impossible to return them and explains why we distribute them through truckload sale events. Customer satisfaction is a great concern, so we will go out of our way to help redistribute products and process refunds where possible.

All invoices are due upon receipt and subject to 2% interest per month after 30 days. Partner organizations and individuals registering organizations for partnership are both individually and jointly responsible for payment of invoices. All online orders are processed and shipped from Hamilton ON and all online payments are processed through our software and servers. Any legal issues will be resolved through arbitration or courts based in Hamilton ON based on Ontario law.