What? No Filter Basket on my Rain Barrel?

Closed rain barrels sold with a diverter differ from barrels with screw-top lids.
A filter is not included, but you can add one easily. The white flexible and expandable diverter hose runs between the black T-shaped adaptor and the diverter. On the diverter end, the hose connects to a barbed fitting that threads into the diverter. You could place sheer hosiery (also known as pantyhose or tights or stockings) over that fitting before sliding the hose over the fitting. You may find that one end of the hose is a little larger than the other, so the larger end can  be used to slide over the stocking and fitting. 
Just a reminder of course that prevention at the source is a great idea.  Check the top of the downspout on your home, garage or other building your barrel is connected to and be sure a filter is there too!

4 thoughts on “What? No Filter Basket on my Rain Barrel?”

    1. Yes, Allan, the downspout diverter can remain in place for the winter. Just remove the hose, unthread the outlet and replace it with a winter cap. When the outlet has been removed, you may want to clean out any debris inside the diverter with a hose or with your fingers. Also clean the thread and consider applying vegetable oil to reduce friction when inserting the winter cap. The diverter is designed to stay outside throughout the winter even when it freezes. It operates similar to an ice-cube tray. If it is warm enough to rain or melt, it will also melt inside the diverter and run out the lower downspout.

  1. When I purchased my rain barrel many years ago, a filter didn’t come with it. I think they had mistakenly forgotten to give it to me. How do I go about getting one? There’s no rush now since its the end of the season.

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