Reconnect to Rain Barrels to Reduce Flooding

Reconnect to Rain Barrels to Reduce Flooding


 HAMILTON ON, July 10, 2013 – is hoping for a swift recovery from the devastating flooding that recently occurred in the Greater Toronto Area and suggests further preparation is now needed to avert repeated disaster.

Toronto has already been unrolling a positive and essential initiative by requiring households to disconnect their downspout thereby reducing the impact on the city storm water system. Unfortunately with impacts from climate change, such fierce, rapid downpours are only likely to increase as warming causes disruptive and unpredictable shifts in weather.

Water damage insurance claims have soared to $1.7 billion annually in Canada, surpassing fire as the leading cause of damage to homes. This rise prompted the Insurance Bureau of Canada to undertake a study in Wingham that found that rain barrels, if emptied regularly, could divert 4.5 million litres of rainwater runoff away from a municipality’s sewer system and out of homes.

Combining rain water collection with Toronto’s downspout disconnect is a sure method to help reduce flood and flood damage to GTA homes. Along with other initiatives to reduce our environmental impacts that are damaging our climate, Canadians need to make practical efforts to reduce the current impacts of climate change on our communities.

Rain barrels decrease pressure and chance of overflow contamination with city sewage systems during heavy rains as well as reduce the chance of basement flooding. At the same time collecting water provides a free source of water that is ideal for vegetables and plants since it does not contain fluoride and chlorine which are added to many municipal water systems. Rain barrels also permit homeowners to wash vehicles and do other cleaning and water activities when water restrictions may be in force. not only provides rain barrels but uses recycled food grade barrels to further reduce the environmental impact of the barrels they offer. Products are normally sold via non-profit partnerships to help raise funds for communities across Canada. These fundraisers are an ongoing effort to provide communities with practical eco-friendly rain capturing tools while raising funds for positive local initiatives. also has rain barrels available locally in three Toronto locations Looney Twooney, Toronto Botanical Gardens and Grassroots.

With increased flooding from heavy rainfall and rising insurance costs, simple tried and true mitigation methods are not only beneficial but have become essential in reducing the impact of our new weather reality on our communities.

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About – reclaims food grade barrels previously used to import fruits and vegetables to be reused as rain barrels. Partnerships with non-profit organizations result in fundraising truckload sales events for communities across Ontario. For additional information please contact Larry Pomerantz, [email protected], call 905-545-5577 or visit

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