Rainy, Windy Weekend Doesn't Stop Us!

Waterdown, Guelph and Fort Erie sales were hampered to some extent by crazy Ontario weather but sales still soared for those brave customers who came to pick up their barrels.  Good for you guys – you know those rain barrels are needed NOW to capture the precious liquid from the sky and care for your plants with fresh, unchlorinated, unfluoridated water.  Fort Erie goes again this coming weekend with another sale at the Leisureplex.  Check out our sale at www.rainbarrel.ca  Grimsby’s Trillium Greenhouses also opens this whole weekend with sales Thursday to Sunday in support of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation.  And tiny Millbank distributes its barrels in support of the environment with proceeds going to the Riverdale Mennonite Church!  All the best to our partners in furthering their important causes.

2 thoughts on “Rainy, Windy Weekend Doesn't Stop Us!”

  1. Millbank may be tiny but it is full of enthusiastic gardeners and we know that rainwater is best for our plants. The countdown is on so order your rain barrel right away before missing out.

  2. Right on, Sheryl! I meant to call you MIGHTY MILLBANK! Good luck with all your good work!

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