RainBarrel.ca makes a big splash!

With 19 partners and adding more each day, we are pretty excited about the response RainBarrel.ca is getting from our non-profit partners.  We’re really pleased to be helping out groups bringing attention to their causes and showing concern for the environment as they raise funds to help with all kinds of important needs.  Congratulations to the Sudbury Regional Hospital, Brant Rod and Gun Club and Erin Radio – each of whom have completed successful sales!

Each partner approached their sale with a different but successful focus: Sudbury combined their truckload rain barrel sale with their annual scrap metal drive and sold the largest number of rain barrels of all our partners so far.  Brant held a breakfast that welcomed the annual opening of trout season combined with their sale.  Erin Radio ran ads for weeks in advance of the local home show where their rain barrels were sold.

Both Brant and Erin are gearing up for their second sales this season since the demand for rain barrels is so high.

2 thoughts on “RainBarrel.ca makes a big splash!”

  1. Erin Radio was an excellent partner, Erin. We loved how you found your own creative ways to promote your sale on the air and with rain barrels placed strategically around town. Best of luck with your next sale at the Made of Wood Show at the Agricultural Hall in Erin, May 7, 8 and 9.

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