Rain Barrels Get You Thinking About Water

Joanne Poyourow has a great outlook on rain barrels as a blogger at Transition United States (http://www.energybulletin.net/stories/2011-03-14/defense-rain-barrells) :

Rain barrels raise awareness.

When we use hose water, we think nothing of the waste. We think nothing of dropping the hose to run and get the phone, or hosing off that patio chair, whatever. When we haul water we begin to think differently. We start to notice where every single drop goes, because we had to save it and haul it in order to use it. Rain barrels are a terrific low-tech simple tool to get people thinking about water in a radical, root level, different way. I’ve had rain barrel newbies come to me and exclaim how quickly the barrel fills in a single storm (i.e. within minutes). Then they return and express their amazement and dismay at how far the water didn’t go as they used it, thus how they began using it so much more carefully. Rain barrels are an excellent way to “dip your toe in the water” of beginning water awareness.

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  1. Carmen Fuentes

    Hello, I need to purchase a rain barrel to be placed at Emery Collegiate. I need to make this happen this upcoming week, no later than Thursday, July 14, as our school main office will close on Friday July 15. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

    Thanks in advance.


    Carmen Fuentes, Social Science/Geography, High School Teacher.
    Please e-mail me at [email protected]

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