PRESS RELEASE: 100+ Local communities mark World Water Day with rain barrel fundraisers!

Every year, March 22 is set aside as World Water Day. First celebrated in 1993, the day is designated by the UN to highlight the importance of fresh water and to advocate for sustainable management of our water resources. Each year focuses on a specific theme related to sustainable fresh water and this year, the theme is Water and Energy.

In nearly every form of energy, water is used to generate and transmit it. The Earth’s water supplies are limited, but demand for energy continues to increase, putting a strain on resources everywhere, particularly in developing economies. Improved water and energy planning and coordination would make a significant difference to the more than one billion people who urgently need electricity, an improved water source, or improved sanitation systems. Water and energy are so closely related that when water is conserved, energy is conserved. When energy is conserved, water is conserved.

Canadians from Niagara Falls to Sarnia to Ottawa and in several provinces can do their part to conserve water and energy by using a rain barrel. Rain barrels provide a free source of water that is ideal for vegetables, trees, and plants because it does not contain fluoride and chlorine which are added to many municipal water systems. When outdoor water restrictions are in place, water from a rain barrel can be used to wash vehicles or water lawns. Residents can also use the water to clean floors and do laundry, and having a source of stored water can be beneficial if an emergency ever arises.

Over 100 non-profit groups across Canada officially launch their rain barrel sales on World Water Day to raise funds for their local projects. Whether it be donating to local charities, providing assistance to those in need in their community, building beautiful outdoor spaces, or promoting sustainability, these schools, horticultural societies, service clubs, and faith-based groups, all recognize the need for and the value of rain barrels and are promoting a greener future for our society.

Promote sustainable water and energy practices this World Water Day by supporting a local organization with their rain barrel sale. Sale locations can be found at

A website has been set up as a resource for Canadians to share water related information and events. Watch this YouTube® video for more details on World Water Day and its importance.


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