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2f82ee64-43a7-4fd5-a008-f6daab0899b5Why fundraise with rain barrels?
Homeowners take pride in the appearance of their lawns and gardens. Free rainwater saves money and permits plants, vegetables and lawns to thrive. Every household can benefit from using multiple rain barrels. Why not offer local residents a unique opportunity to purchase a high quality, low cost, eco-friendly product that will save them money and contribute to the beautification of their properties? Let’s fundraise together to meet local demand!

usversionFundraising Program Highlights
NO RISKS: No financial investment, inventory or deliveries required. Simply share the opportunity, accept online orders and host a 2-3 hour customer pick-up event. Consider combining a rain barrel fundraiser with an existing spring fundraiser by simply promoting both together.

ONLINE FUNDRAISING: We prepare your customized webpage to permit easy online ordering and payment processing. No paper order forms, cash or check handling required! Earn $10 or more per rain barrel sold!

EXPERT SUPPORT: Call or email our experts to benefit from years of fundraising and marketing experience. Use our step-by-step guide and FREE marketing materials to maximize communication and results.

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