Meet our Partners: Hannah House Maternity Home

This week we would like to introduce you to one of our new partners: Hannah House Maternity Home. They will be hosting a rain barrel fundraising sale this spring to provide services, shelter, and support to adolescent moms and moms to be in the Niagara Region. Rain barrels are $50 each and can be ordered at:


Happy New Life
Submitted by Stacy, from our partner Hannah House

Isn’t it funny how, for some people, it takes a whole new year to make a resolution to change something about themselves? The residents at Hannah House Maternity Home in Niagara Falls have a whole different perspective on “making changes” and it’s not just for them, but also for their unborn children. When a young, pregnant girl makes the decision to move into Hannah House, it’s a decision to take an opportunity to change. It’s like a New Life Resolution!

Hannah House offers, through its program “A Place of My Own”, a variety of classes aimed at healthy relationships, parenting, healthy eating and budgeting, as well as how to be content as a person. While making this ‘new life resolution’, the residents of Hannah House learn how to communicate in their various relationships, meal plan and grocery shop on a limited budget, organize a home as well as their finances, and also learn to take time for ‘mom’ and try new hobbies. And if this doesn’t seem like enough opportunities to create change, the residents are encouraged to utilize Hannah House’s on site school and complete any outstanding high school credits. What a marathon!

There is no doubt that when a young girl makes a decision to stay at Hannah House, she is up for the challenge of a lifetime! And these challenges are not always easy to handle on their own! The residents of Hannah House, during their stay, are given one on one attention from its dedicated staff to encourage them along their journey of change. Residents are also encouraged to use the off-site counseling services and other community resources available to them. Just like anybody needs accountability and encouragement on their New Year’s Resolution, the residents of Hannah House need their own team of support!

When you support Hannah House by purchasing a rain barrel, you are giving a young girl and her baby and opportunity for a new life, and that’s a resolution they’re willing to work for! Order yours today at

To learn more about Hannah House you can visit their website: or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.