How To Winterize Your Rain Barrel

How to Winterize your Rain Barrel

Before winter, your rain barrel should be disconnected, emptied, rinsed out and the bottom ball valve left in the open position. Storage indoors is recommended but if left outside it must not contain any fluids. Frozen fluids could damage the rain barrel and/or bottom ball-valve and void the warranty.

The downspout diverter can remain in place for the winter. Just remove the hose, unthread the outlet and replace it with a winter cap. When the outlet has been removed, you may want to clean out any debris inside the diverter with a hose or with your fingers. Also clean the thread and consider applying vegetable oil to reduce friction when inserting the winter cap.

Watch our video to learn more about maintenance.


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3 thoughts on “How To Winterize Your Rain Barrel”

  1. I have a rain barrel that will not damage with below freezing weather. I purchased with this in mind as I also want to catch the snow that melts in the rain gutters so it does not run into my path and freeze over. Question, how can you cover or wrap the rain barrel to help from not freezing continually and is there any garden hose that will not be destroyed when kept connected to the rain barrel for drainage. Is there anything I can wrap around the hose to help keep it from completely freezing. All the above is on the South side and will eventually thaw for me as it cools and warms during the day. Thanks for your help.

    1. lindseyatrainbarreldotca

      Hello Ruth,

      We are not aware of any type of rain barrel that would not be at risk of being damaged by expanding ice. There may be submersible heaters on the market, however the best solution may be to disconnect the rain barrel and to reattach the downspout and to extend it to direct water away from the house. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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