Father's Day Rain Barrel

My dad is getting on in years now and doesn’t have a yard to tend. But if he did, I’d buy him a rain barrel. It’s just the right thing to do in 2010, don’t you think?

I got my own rain barrel this week – from rainbarrel.ca, of course! It’s a grey one, very exciting to pick it up at the bus station and bring it home on a sunny evening here in Vancouver.

Once I set it up (took seconds) and placed it strategically under my down spout, I admired it and walked away. Within 24 hours, it was raining (odd late spring we are having here – it should be dry by now!). Within a day and a half, my barrel was full!

Now I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can use my water outdoors. But I can put my watering can under the spigot and bring fresh water in to my plants in the house – so much better than the chlorinated water the city kindly sends us!

Anyway, Father’s Day is coming – think about a rain barrel for your dad. You can get one in advance in Ontario: Brockville, Jarvis, Hamilton and Mississauga, or in Manitoba: Winnipeg, Lundar, Inglis and Morden. Just check out our sale sites on the right on this page. If you don’t see a sale where you live, let us know. We’ll be happy to help find a non-profit group that would like to fundraise and help the environment.

Happy Gardening! Happy Father’s Day == soon enough!

2 thoughts on “Father's Day Rain Barrel”

  1. Like your father, I’m up in years as well. But, I enjoy using our rain barrels and the fruits of our labor, i.e. free water for our garden, cleaning up exterior messes, washing my vehicles, and many other chores that which I can use the rainwater from my barrels. My water bill shows the effects of the rainwater usage instead of potable water.
    I also use a new rain gutter cleaning tool, made in America, called a Gutter Clutter Buster (bought on-line), that keeps my gutters free flowing which provides cleaner rain water. The really great extra benefit of keeping my gutters clean all the time with the Gutter Clutter Buster is the fact that I get lots of extra great compost material to add to my compost pile.
    I wish that everyone would seriously consider adding more than one rain barrel to their property (conserve more natural resources), add a compost pile, and use equipment that allows you to do both while saving lots of money at the same time. Happy Rainwater Harvesting!

  2. Hey Sonny – thanks again for your comments last year. Have you thought about helping one of your local non-profit groups by helping them hold a fundraising rain barrel sale? Be in touch to learn more – I’d love to help you! Leah

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