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Thanks to all the interest from our US friends, we’re launching! All the features of, south of the border too.  All forms on these pages can be used for both countries.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING NEW PARTNERS FOR OUR 2014 FUNDRAISING SEASON. Click on the button below to get started.



About  This is the absolute best place to purchase rain barrels. We partner with non-profit organizations that fundraise by conducting Rain Barrel Truckload Sales Events. Whether you want a single rain barrel, a few thousand, recycled or new, can accommodate your request.  Individual rain barrels can be expensive to ship but when distributed in truckload quantities, the transportation expense per barrel is minimal. All non-profit groups are welcome to partner with us to host a profitable rain barrel fundraising event whether you are environmentally-focused, a service club, faith based group, school or other socially-minded organization.

Do you know a group that could benefit from hosting a truckload rain barrel sales event? Please tell them about today!

Partner with to raise funds for your organization, increase your group’s visibility and promote water conservation and sustainable living in your community!

Art Barrel 9

E Robert Ross barrel

Have you seen our Art Auction in support of Earth Day Hamilton? Check it out HERE


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