Online ordering is closed. Find other local sales listed on the Truckload Sales page. Join our waitlist to be notified of future sales.

This sale is for the residents of The City of Guelph only and includes home delivery beginning mid-May and continuing daily until complete. See our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS) or contact [email protected] for location or product specific questions.

We are pleased to offer free home delivery for tanks, barrels or composters and any accessories ordered with them. Orders of "accessories only" are subject to a flat $20 delivery fee.

The City of Guelph is subsidizing a limited number of $45 Sandstone barrels with a limit of one per household. All orders received must be approved by the City before being authorized for delivery. There are no purchase limits on any other products.

Terms and Conditions

Our delivery season in Guelph is coming to a close and barrels purchased now may not be delivered until the end of the month, or when a sufficient number of orders have been placed. Return to this page for delivery time updates. Please consider encouraging your local contacts to place their orders as soon as possible


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