Rain Barrels and Social Networking – Good Combo?

Last night, I attended enp’s social networking presentation in downtown Vancouver. We learned about the power of story telling in this computer age and about having conversations instead of just monologues. So, comment anytime!

RainBarrel.ca is on Facebook, and I tweet (@RainBarrelDotCA) about our work too. Connections are made on LinkedIn too. But I have to say, one the greatest ways to connect is by phone. I meet the nicest people from across the country when I have a chance to talk about our rain barrel fundraising partnerships with them. They fill out our partnership information request form and we take it from there. For some, we rarely talk by phone again but it’s a nice start to a productive partnership. RainBarrel.ca helps make a difference in so many communities through so many organizations – it starts with a click, moves on to a phone call and then heads onto the internet full speed ahead.

See you online!