Rain barrel fundraiser to assist firefighters


Kinsmen & Kinettes working on joint project
By Andy Bader
Posted 10 hours ago
The Mitchell & District Kinsmen and Kinettes will host a truckload sale of rain barrels on Saturday, May 21 at the Mitchell Arena parking lot from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Rain barrels will be pre-sold for $60 each and funds raised will support the West Perth volunteer fire department for new thermal imaging equipment and various other community projects.

Kinsmen President Grant McKellar said the local club heard about similar successful projects through other Kinsmen clubs, and offered to partner with the Kinettes here in Mitchell and West Perth.

“Other clubs have tried it so we wanted to give it a try, too,” McKellar said.

Rain barrels capture and store rain water collected from roofs through downspouts. They provide chlorine-free and fluoride-free water which is ideal for flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees. Rain barrels also divert clean water from sewer systems and can provide cost savings for homeowners who currently pay to have water trucked in or who have a water meter installed.

Each rain barrel available through the sale is equipped with a mosquito and leaf debris filter basket, an overflow hose, an outlet to join rain barrels together in a series and a spigot at the bottom which can be connected to a standard garden hose.

These environmentally-friendly products were once used to import fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and re-purposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels, McKellar noted.

The barrels are available in three colours including grey, terracotta and black.

All orders must be placed online in advance at www.RainBarrel.ca/mitchell or by calling McKellar at 519-348-0034 or Kinette Faye Tubb at 519-348-4180.

“If they’re not pre-ordered, there’s no guarantee there will be one for you if you just arrive the day of delivery,” McKellar said, adding that the organizers prefer that everyone pays online, but you can still place your order online and pay cash the day of pick up.