Rain Tank 1000L / 275 Gallon

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1000 litre / 275 gallon repurposed rain tank. Click photo for details.

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1000 litre / 275 gallon repurposed rain tank. These used, food grade tanks are comprised of a galvanized metal frame with a pallet (metal, plastic or wood) and a plastic HDPE bottle. The rain tank has a 6, 8 or 12 inch top fill cap and a 2 inch bottom butterfly or ball valve. The tanks may or may not include a plastic cap with buttress or NPT thread for the bottom valve. If a valve cap is included, it can be drilled to accept our garden hose spigot assembly. A spigot assembly and 7/8 inch hole saw are not included. The dimensions are approximately 39 inches wide across the bottom valve, 47 inches deep and 48 inches tall and the tanks weigh approximately 75 lbs empty. Previous contents may include olive oil, fish oil, organic fertilizer or beverage concentrates and some residue may still remain inside. The residue, if any, will only enrich the soil. These tanks are not sold for potable water as we do not attempt to clean them thoroughly.

10 reviews for Rain Tank 1000L / 275 Gallon

  1. Dino Gambino

    We opted for the 275 gallon container because we had the space and have experienced long periods without rain. Unfortunately we couldn’t place the container as close to the downspout as we would have liked which meant the diverter hose wasn’t long enough. I emailed RainBarrel.ca to explain my problem. I received a quick response with great suggestions to help me connect the container to the diverter. The support I received from RainBarrel.ca was top notch. The staff were pleasant and keen to help me resolve the connection issue. I’m very happy with the help of RainBarrel.ca and that I’ve connected two hoses from the downspout diverter to the lid of the container and collected over 700L of water over a period of three days. Thank you from us and our garden vegetables!

  2. Brian Aman

    How much are the 275 gallon tanks?

  3. Darlene Trotter

    How much are these

  4. Patrick Nunes

    Seeking 1000L rain barrel re-purposed food grade container. Thorold Ontario

  5. Frank Devon

    When you get more 1000L tanks in can you notify me please. I will take two of them. Thank you.

    • erin

      Hi! Please check our website regularly because the tanks sell out very quickly.

      • Kenjo

        Can you post a link to your website?

  6. Shanthinee Sivakumaran

    I want to buy 2 barrels.

  7. Vic

    I need a Rain Tank 1000L / 275 Gallon.
    Can you email me when you get one please.

  8. Jay Siva

    Where can we buy this?

  9. Zhong Li

    need to buy

  10. Katherina Tarnai-Lokhorst

    How much are these repurposed barrels and will you ship to Victoria BC?

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