Grey Rain Barrel 220L / 55 Gallon


Grey 220 litre / 55 gallon repurposed food grade plastic rain barrel. Click photo for details.

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Grey 220 litre / 55 gallon repurposed food grade plastic rain barrel. Includes leaf and mosquito filter basket, spigot/tap, overflow adaptor and overflow hose. Overflow adaptor permits rain barrels to be connected in series. Dimensions are approximately 23 inches wide and 38 inches tall. Weight is approximately 20 lbs.

5 reviews for Grey Rain Barrel 220L / 55 Gallon

  1. Brandi

    Would like to but a few rain barrels. Need price and either pickup near me or drop off. In the belleville on area.

  2. Sharon Stokes

    Hi there,
    I’m wondering if this barrel has a spout at the bottom that you can hook a hose up to to top up a pool?
    Thanks for your help!

    • testadmin

      Hi Sharon! Great to hear from you. Each barrel comes fully equipped with a spigot assembly (that allows you to attach your garden hose) and an overflow hose.

      For delivery straight to your door, order your barrel online at rainbarrel.ca/truckload-sales
      Take a look at our products page, for more information: https://rainbarrel.ca/shop/

      Let us know if you need anything else!

      RainBarrel.ca Team

      Please give him links to our products page /shop and point out the rain barrels, this bigots and the dispensing hoses. In case it’s not immediately clear, add that a standard garden hose can be attached to the spigot.

      He may also need the truckload sales page

  3. Jia Lu Martin

    Hi there we bought some of these barrels 8 years ago and they are still going strong. The plastic spigot however are starting to break. One snapped in half and the other is cracked. Can you tell me what replacement options are for these spigots, preferably metal ones? Dimensions etc. would be helpful. Thank you!

  4. Thane

    This unit looks like the one I got in New York City. But theirs was green. Do you have it in green? I don’t think they will be having any more giveaways soon.

    • erin

      Thank you for reaching us. It was great to connect with you by email. The barrels we described are still available if you would like to reply to the email. We will notify you when other options become available in NYC.

  5. Ted Schnare

    Will you be coming to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

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