8 Ft Additional Overflow Hose

1.5 inch diameter overflow hose is 8 feet long. Click photo for details.

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Most rain barrels include a 4 foot length of 1.5 inch overflow hose to direct excess water back to the ground. This 8 foot hose is also 1.5 inches in diameter and permits water to be directed further away from the rain barrel and to distant lawns and gardens. It can also be cut to size to join rain barrel overflow outlets together or used as a substitute diverter hose.

5 reviews for 8 Ft Additional Overflow Hose

  1. Jim Mason


    can I get a price on this product


  2. Robert Pelletier

    I would like to purchase this item (OVFL8). Where is it available in Toronto? Do you sell direct? What is the price?

  3. Greg Rothwell

    We have your 55 gallon rain barrel and need to replace e the 1.5 inch overflow hose. Could you advise the cost to ship us a replacement and we can e-transfer the amount owing.
    Our shipping address is :
    321 Aberdeen Blvd, Midland Ont. L4R 5M9 Phone 705-527-1896

  4. Mary-Lou Montgrain

    How much is the 4 ft.overflow hose

  5. Ingrid

    Hello I was wondering how much the 8 foot overflow tube costs. Do you ship, or is there someplace to pick it up. I am in London.


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