24 Ft Additional Overflow Hose

1.5 inch diameter overflow hose is 24 feet long. Click photo for details.

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Most rain barrels include a 4 foot length of 1.5 inch overflow hose to direct excess water back to the ground. This 24 foot hose is also 1.5 inches in diameter and permits water to be directed further away from the rain barrel and to distant lawns and gardens. It can also be cut to size to join rain barrel overflow outlets together or used as a substitute diverter hose.

4 reviews for 24 Ft Additional Overflow Hose

  1. Susan MacMillan

    I wish to purchase a 24 ft. Replacement Diverter Hose

    • erin

      Hi! We are glad that you were able to purchase the 24 ft. Replacement Diverter Hose at one of our partner sales.

  2. Howard Herscovici

    I cannot find a link to order the extra hoses.


  3. Randy Walls

    Cost for a overflow hose please

  4. Robert West

    I purchased a rain barrel from our Kinsmin club. I am happy with it,however the last couple of rains filled our barrel to over flowing and it did not go down the hose but over the top of the barrel.
    Am I doing something wrong or is the overflow hole to high. I almost seems that the water has to go up hill to drain

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