12 Ft Additional Overflow Hose


1.5 inch diameter overflow hose is 12 feet long. Click photo for details.

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Most rain barrels include a 4 foot length of 1.5 inch overflow hose to direct excess water back to the ground. This 12 foot hose is also 1.5 inches in diameter and permits water to be directed further away from the rain barrel and to distant lawns and gardens. It can also be cut to size to join rain barrel overflow outlets together or used as a substitute diverter hose.

3 reviews for 12 Ft Additional Overflow Hose

  1. Barbara

    I’ve ordered a rain barrel. Please advise how I can add a 12’ overflow hose. Thanks Babs_elliott@hotmail.com

    • testadmin

      Most often you can return to the ordering page and add your new items. We will combine the orders together. Please email us both orders so we can do so. Start at https://rainbarrel.ca/truckload-sales and let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you

  2. Margaret Heffernan

    I would like to purchase the additional 12ft overflow hose.

  3. Alice W.

    How do you connect the overflow hose to pre-drilled hole in the barrel? I’ve tried multiple adaptors/fittings. None fits the overflow pipe that came with the barrel.

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