$3000+ Spring School Fundraisers – Book Your Event NOW

ATTENTION: Fundraising Coordinators, Parent Councils, Student Councils, Environmental Coordinators, Principals

Congratulations! – By receiving and reviewing this information, you are taking the first step towards raising new funds for your school. Rain barrels are proving to be very popular (we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of barrels to date), especially with homeowners who want to save money by reducing water bills. Rain barrels can be expensive; selling for $80 to $300 plus tax through local retail outlets. RainBarrel.ca fundraising initiatives significantly reduce the cost of rain barrels while raising funds for your school. You will love this part; there is no need to buy anything upfront and no need to maintain inventory. If you can talk, email, distribute flyers that RainBarrel.ca provides for free and communicate the rain barrel sale opportunity within your school community in other ways then your school is guaranteed to earn a minimum of $10 per rain barrel. Approximately 300 rain barrels fit on a truck and at a profit of $10 each you will earn $3000, however a $15 or $20 profit margin would earn up to $6000.

How does the RainBarrel.ca fundraising program work?

  • Our school partners begin by selecting a sale date, location and price to set a guaranteed profit margin per rain barrel sold. We provide tips on making the best decisions to maximize the profit earned by your school.
  • RainBarrel.ca creates a unique webpage for your school that explains why you are raising funds and that illustrates the products and prices related to your sale. Homeowners can place their orders online directly through the webpage. RainBarrel.ca accepts prepaid debit or credit card orders and cash orders to be paid once the rain barrels arrive. Phone orders are also acceptable.
  • Our school partners begin promoting the sale at school and in the local community. RainBarrel.ca’s how-to manual provides an extensive list of free promotional activities that have helped dozens of partners succeed in reaching their fundraising goals. We provide sample press releases, advertising templates and flyers that promote a monthly free rain barrel draw to direct customers to your rain barrel sale.
  • RainBarrel.ca provides weekly sales reports so you can track the success of your promotional efforts. We provide a detailed site plan and description of volunteer positions required to ensure a safe and efficient rain barrel sale event occurs. Just ahead of your truckload rain barrel sale, we provide detailed customer lists, sorted alphabetically to ensure a well-organized distribution event takes place.
  • RainBarrel.ca guarantees you will have 100% of your profit in hand within one week or less of the conclusion of your sale. Like many of our partners, your organization may want to discuss hosting a second profitable truckload rain barrel sale during the same season. Our truckload rain barrel sales work well as stand-alone fundraising events or can be easily added to your current fundraising events to benefit from the additional exposure.

What are the next steps?

Complete the online Partnership Request Form at RainBarrel.ca/partnership-information-request-form/ to sign up today or call us at 905-545-5577 to receive additional information. Join the many schools who have partnered with RainBarrel.ca to raise money for their important work. School references available.