Your Cottage Opening Safety Checklist

Many Canadians will be heading up to their cottages for opening weekend. Follow our simple safety checklist to keep safe and make the most of your time at the cottage:

1. Test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to ensure they don’t need new batteries.

2. Inspect the power lines leading into your cottage and report any damage to your utility company before activating your service.

3. Inspect indoor and outdoor wiring for any damage caused by animals. Have an electrician handle any repairs needed.

4. Clean up the exterior of your cottage. Remove debris, cut back trees and bushes. You can use the water from a rain barrel to wash down outdoor furniture, decks and pathways.

5. Purchase or replace your fire extinguisher (if expired) and make sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

6. Always have water one hand to be used for putting out fires. We recommend purchasing a rain barrel for this purpose.