Happy World Vegetarian Day!

We hear from people who use rain barrels who do so for many reasons:

  • grow great flower gardens,
  • reduce runoff that contaminates our water supplies,
  • lower water bills,
  • avoid flooding or seepage around home’s foundation,
  • use water for outdoor cleaning projects

but today, we celebrate those who are practicing vegetarianism and growing GREAT vegetable gardens with the help of their rain barrels!

HAPPY WORLD VEGETARIAN DAY! Each year on October 1, we celebrate

There are many great reasons proponents recommend leading a life of vegetarianism or simply putting more vegetables in your life:

  • cheaper than meat
  • helps avoid cardiovascular disease
  • helps manage weight
  • builds strong bones
  • reduces pollution
  • helps ease some symptoms of body changes like menopause
  • reduces number of animals killed for food
  • boosts energy
  • helps with regularity
  • can increase the number of years you live

Have you gone veg? Considered it? Or are you adding more vegetables to your plate, thanks to this information and your rain barrel?

What’s growing in your garden? We’d love to hear about your veggies and recipes.