Celebrate World Water Day with us!

Water is essential to all life.

Because it is so important, sustainable water use is vital to the continued well-being of our world.

Since 1993, March 22nd has been designated by the United Nations General Assembly as World Water Day, a day to focus attention on freshwater and the sustainable management of water resources.

RainBarrel.ca is proud to sponsor a website to help bring awareness of water news, issues and events surrounding World Water Day in Canada. Watch videos, read the latest news and events and submit your own!

2013 is the year of Water Cooperation blending the natural and social sciences, education, culture and communication in an effort to preserve and protect our freshwater resources. In the spirit of cooperation, we are asking you to not only check out WorldWaterDay.ca but bring your own news and events, and help us build a site that brings Canadians together to help conserve and protect this most precious of elements.

So check out at WorldWaterDay.Ca and visit regularly to find the latest updates!

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