Dispensing Hose & Hose Clip

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Clear dispensing hose and clip eliminates the need to bend and reach down to the bottom side of the barrel.

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A clear dispensing hose fits between the spigot and the male to male adaptor that joins the spigot to the rain barrel. The hose clip is secured to the top side of the barrel with a metal screw that is included and the spigot is threaded to the top end of the hose. The hose can be cradled in the hose clip and the spigot can be operated without having to reach down the bottom side of the barrel. The clear hose also displays the water level in the barrel.

5 reviews for Dispensing Hose & Hose Clip

  1. Barry Street

    Can this be ordered separately?

  2. Karen Quinn

    Can I order one of these by mail?

    • testadmin

      You can! Please use our contact form at https://rainbarrel.ca/contact/ so we can help you find the most convenient way. Thank you.

  3. al furnival

    looking to order one CLRHSE Dispensing Hose & Hose Clip
    , and one SPIGOT, assembly

  4. Pam williams

    Hello waiting months to have my issue resolved. Ordered and paid for 2 dispenser hoses but not for shipping as it did not ask for it and I have spoken with a few people who said they could resolve it! What happened??? Pam williams 7957884330

  5. Ronald Neustaeter

    How do I go about ordering a dispensing hose and clip.

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