Universal Downspout Rain Diverter for Rain Barrel Owners & Those Seeking a DIY Rain Barrel Kit

A downspout diverter redirects rainwater to rain barrels, pools, hot tubs, ponds, gardens or to any other similar water storage device or area. RainBarrel.ca’s new diverter feeds up to six water storage devices simultaneously through various sized hose attachments. Standard garden hose attachments permit the option to locate rain barrels in gardens where rainwater is needed rather than against a house as in most traditional rain barrel installations. A garden hose is all that is needed to direct rainwater from the diverter to rain barrels positioned in gardens.

A rain barrel requires a downspout to be cut and homeowners must disconnect their barrels in winter to protect against the destructive forces of expanding ice. Downspout diverters simplify the winterization process as winter caps replace all diverter hose fittings and therefore eliminate the bi-annual requirement to remove/re-attach the lower part of the downspout. Rain barrels must be disconnected and emptied, but the diverter and lower part of the downspout remain installed. The Universal Downspout Diverter is designed to allow homeowners to trim the top opening to any size with clear trim lines for the most common sizes of downspouts. CLICK HERE to learn about winterizing your rain barrel.

For those seeking a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) rain barrel solution, optional components are available through RainBarrel.ca which can be combined with the diverter to permit the repurposing of a standard plastic barrel into a rain barrel.

All RainBarrel.ca products are distributed through non-profit partners at truckload rain barrel fundraising sales. RainBarrel.ca is represented throughout Ontario and in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec through partnerships with well over 100 non-profit organizations, each raising funds for projects in their respective communities.

You can order your diverter online now for $45. This includes shipping and taxes throughout Canada and most of the United States.



Downspout Diverters redirect rainwater!

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