Maintenance and Rain Barrel Winterization Instructions

Rain Barrel Maintenance – View Video

Regular maintenance includes clearing debris from the filter basket on occasion. Before winter, empty and rinse the rain barrel with a garden hose. Remove the spigot and consider using olive oil to lubricate the ball valve. Disconnect all hoses and consider placing them and the spigot inside the barrel for safe storage. Do not permit water to enter the barrel during winter. Water expands when it freezes and even a small amount can cause a rain barrel to crack.  Strong winter winds can send an empty rain barrel rolling away. Consider storing the barrel in a basement, garage or under a deck.  If storing the barrel outside, to ensure water does not enter the rain barrel, consider turning it upside down or laying it on its side.

Rain Tank Maintenance – Rain Tanks are supported by a rigid metal cage, however this does not guarantee expanding ice will not cause damage to the plastic bottle and the ball valve. Tanks should be emptied and rinsed to remove debris. Olive oil can be used to lubricate the ball valve. Hoses should be disconnected and the tank should remain empty for the winter. Damage from exposure to the sun can be eliminated by covering the tank with a tarp. Because sunlight penetrates opaque tanks, they should be protected from the sun all year long.

Downspout Diverter Maintenance – Before winter, remove all hoses and threaded outlets. A garden hose can be used to rinse the interior and the thread on the winter caps can be lubricated with olive oil before installing the caps to seal up the side openings. If your diverter is installed in a very sunny location, you may want to consider painting, covering it or removing it for the winter. Repeated freezing and thawing may stress the plastic and reduce the lifespan of the product. Proper maintenance of our products should provide years of continued service.

Rolling Composter Maintenance – The rolling composter’s wooden feet are made of untreated wood. Painting them or applying a water sealant will extend their lifespan. The casters should be lubricated with olive oil to keep them from seizing. The composter can be washed out, but the composting process can continue throughout winter, although it slows due to the cold temperatures. Moving the composter to a sunny area will help increase the composting process.

Wooden Rain Barrel Stand Maintenance – Wooden stands are made of untreated wood. Painting the wood or applying a water sealant will extend the lifespan of this product.