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Universal Downspout Rain Diverter attaches to standard 2×3, 3×3 and 3×4 downspouts. Click photo for details.

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Downspout Diverters redirect rainwater!

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A downspout diverter redirects rainwater to rain barrels, pools, hot tubs, ponds, gardens or to any other similar water storage device or area.’s new diverter feeds up to six water storage devices simultaneously through various sized hose attachments. Standard garden hose attachments permit the option to locate rain barrels in gardens where rainwater is needed rather than against a house as in most traditional rain barrel installations. A garden hose is all that is needed to direct rainwater from the diverter to rain barrels positioned in gardens.

A rain barrel requires a downspout to be cut and homeowners must disconnect their barrels in winter to protect against the destructive forces of expanding ice. Downspout diverters simplify the winterization process as winter caps replace all diverter hose fittings and therefore eliminate the bi-annual requirement to remove/re-attach the lower part of the downspout. Rain barrels must be disconnected and emptied, but the diverter and lower part of the downspout remain installed. The Universal Downspout Diverter is designed to allow homeowners to trim the top opening to any size with clear trim lines for the most common sizes of downspouts. CLICK HERE to learn about winterizing your rain barrel.

For those seeking a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) rain barrel solution, optional components are available through which can be combined with the diverter to permit the repurposing of a standard plastic barrel into a rain barrel.

All products are distributed through non-profit partners at truckload rain barrel fundraising sales. is represented throughout Ontario and in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec through partnerships with well over 100 non-profit organizations, each raising funds for projects in their respective communities

You can order your diverter online now for $45. This includes shipping and taxes throughout Canada and most of the United States.



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17 reviews for Downspout Diverter

  1. Harold Tohana

    Thank you Larry for replacing the diverter

  2. Joseph

    After 1.5 years of use, mine developed cracks that leak. Aside from that, works as advertised until failure.

  3. David Hazen

    Doesn’t work so well in areas susceptible to deep freeze because the captive puddle of water in the bottom freezes solid and splits the product. Have also had issues with algae growth in that same puddle of water in summer. We are taking ours out of service. Not recommended in ita current form

  4. Fred Hyde

    Great diverter, but being white it sticks out like a sore thumb on a brown house. I tried to paint it but that did not work, too bad.

    • testadmin

      We’re sorry the colour does not work for you. Have you tried Krylon fusion paint?

  5. Barbara Lisitza

    so sorry the guy that hooked up my rain barrel did not use the sleeve that came with the diverter, so the sun ate though it. How can I get a replacement. Thank you

  6. Kelly Childerhose

    I would like to purchase a downspout diverter. Do you sell direct? How much are they?

    • testadmin

      Thank you for your interest. You can see details and order at

      • Paulette

        I would like to purchase a sandstone rainbarrel please. I cannot find an order button.

      • Fred Hyde

        Is there a way to paint the diverter. Being white it sticks out like a sore thumb on a brown cedar house, with brown downspouts. I tried to paint mine but the paint just flakes off. Or is it available in brown?

  7. Jeff Bain

    I may be interested in the diverter. Can you tell me how it attaches and roughly how to use it?

    • erin

      Hi! I am glad that we were able to help you with the information about how the downspout diverter works!

  8. Buffei NLN

    I noticed this spring that my Downspout Diverter & it’s piping had fallen apart. The entire setup is only 2 or 3yrs old.
    I noticed you sell refurbished rain barrels. I have at least 2 unused rain barrels, & aN unused rolling compost bucket in my back yard. Might I be able to trade you the buckets for a new Downspout Diversion kit? Of course this would depend on how I could get them to you. I live in Far Rockaway Queens (NYC) on a Social Security Disability income & survive with public transportation. I’m not sure where you are. I received my rain barrel set up for free from my local city council.
    Please let me know if something might be workable. I hate that all of these barrels are unused, & I can’t use them. I’d also like the 1 I do use to work again.

  9. Mark Phelan

    We have a 1000 liter tank. Will it know when it’s full and divert it? Will th 1.5 hose take the full flow from the downspout to the tank during rain or will only a portion make it to the tank and some still go down the downspout? Thanks

  10. michael

    Do both ends attach to down spout with the water diverting out of hose? I want to cut a section out and just divert with option to add a barrel later.

  11. Deborah Caviness

    I need 3 replacement hoses that come with the diverter kit. I do not need the entire kit. I also need the ultraviolet protection sleeves that cover the hoses. Please advise me how to order them and the cost. Thank you.

  12. Dennis

    Do you have the instruction on how to install the diverter? And my downspout is 2-5/8 (a square size), will this fit?

  13. Cornel Bruggemann

    I bought a couple diverters 2-3 years ago
    One has split open near the front after last winter and I need to replace it. What is the warranty on this item.
    I have 5 barrels from you as well as and no issues. Quite happy

    • erin

      Hi! We are glad that you were able to get your new diverter.

  14. John Clark

    Need a replacement diverter
    How do we purchase one?

  15. Stanley Mak

    How much for the single 1.5 inch diameter flexible and expandable hose that stretches up to 32 inches? Mine is broken and needs a replacement.

  16. wim kerkhof

    I did this automotive spray paint out off a can looked verry good initially but after a month or two I sun and rain it started to bubble and flaking now mind you I did not sand do, looks like worst dan before be warned wim.

  17. Gary

    It froze and split over the winter. Screw caps for the sides cross thread very easily. I like that it has different size openings on both sides of the diverter.

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