This sale is now closed. The very latest delivery schedule updates for Sandstone rain barrels will be posted below. Our staff will not have additional or new information related to anticipated delivery dates, so please do not call or email to request an update. Messages received that are related to delivery schedule updates cannot be answered. The manufacturer of our Sandstone rain barrel is experiencing significant raw material shortages due to COVID related supply chain issues. They manufacture plastic barrels for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including barrels for hand-sanitizer. They exclusively manufacture rain barrels for We cannot commit to delivery dates because the manufacturer cannot commit to production dates until they have secured a sufficient amount of raw material. We are anticipating receiving an initial shipment before the end of May, but it will depend on the manufacturer's supply chain issues being resolved. When rain barrels do arrive at our warehouse, delivery schedules will prioritize the oldest orders in our system first. Advance notice of delivery will not be provided. Our drivers will drop ordered products at your front door, take a photo and immediately email it to you as proof of delivery. If there are any delivery errors, please respond to your original email order confirmation and our staff will respond as quickly as possible. Please do not respond to the delivery email notification, because those messages are not forwarded to our inbox. For the week of May 17th, we currently have no new information regarding Sandstone rain barrel production dates and therefore cannot schedule delivery dates.