Partnerships – We Love Them!

surprising-number-parents-raid-their-kids-piggy-baWATCH OUR FUNDRAISING PROGRAM VIDEO. LEARN HOW TO MAKE $3000 THIS SPRING!

Fundraise with or! We book sales throughout the entire year! It is never too early to start.

Our unique fundraising program has proven successful for many non-profit groups throughout Canada and the USA.

Are you ready?


You will receive a start-up package that includes all the tools and resources you need including our Rain Barrel Sale Planning Booklet.

Once ready, your customized webpage will be live and ready to accept online orders. We encourage partners to utilize our marketing/promotion materials and guides, weekly status updates and ongoing support to maximize fundraising results.

You will receive 100% of your profits within one week after your sale date.

Why fundraise with us?

  • EXPERT SUPPORT – Use our step-by-step guide, free marketing materials/tools and ongoing support to maximize results!
  • HIGH RETURN – Earn $10 or more for each rain barrel sold.
  • NO RISKS – No financial investment, inventory or deliveries.
  • ONLINE FUNDRAISING – Get your own customized webpage allowing for easy online ordering!

Who is an ideal partner?

  • NON-PROFIT GROUPS – Any organization, school, college, university, church, team, club, community association, charity or environment group that would like to raise money. Having a group of three or more members to delegate responsibilities is ideal for successful sale results.
  • YOU HAVE CONNECTIONS – The more people you can contact, the better your opportunity to sell products and raise money. A group that is well connected to their community and its members will have more support to spread the word about your fundraising sale.

Need more information?

You can complete our PARTNERSHIP INFORMATION REQUEST FORM or send a message through our CONTACT FORM.

We will be in touch shortly.